One word

Showing up.

I called it my superpower as a runner, and it was true. I am not the fastest, or the strongest, or the best by any means. But give me a workout or a training plan, and I would be there. I’d tick off the boxes. I’d show up.

At some point I realized it wasn’t enough to be there. I was showing and phoning it in. And don’t get me wrong—there are times when phoning it in is all you’ve got and worth all the kudos and high fives.

But it was becoming the norm, the standard I was reaching for. And being here sucks. It leaves me feeling lousy. I know I have more to give. Every day I give less, it makes it that much harder to give more. This is no way to live. It’s not the life I want.

I don’t do new year’s resolutions, but this year I decided to have a word. A word that I would think about every day and try to have guide me through my actions in a thoughtful way.


I know this means different things to everyone but for me it means I will care:

  • About others—how I treat them, how I view them, how I help them.
  • About myself—what I do with my body, how I treat it, how I fuel it.
  • About my work—that every day I do more than phone it in. That I’ll think about the global impact of what I do, as much as I am able.
CARE, stamped on a bracelet
Notice my word was not “perfect” as this was clearly NOT perfectly stamped. I should note my second word is “practice.”

Maybe having a word bracelet is cheesy, but it works. Because when I look down, it reminds me that there was a day when I decided to start caring again. I decided to stop letting days go by when I only think about myself or “getting by.”

Put another way, I am trying to give a shit. But that is harder to stamp on a bracelet.