All-American 2006

All-American Tournament - MTU vs Iowa St

We rolled in around 3AM this morning from a weekend out in St. Paul. My hockey team played in this tournament at this mega sportsplex and took a somewhat respectable 4th place, losing to Iowa State in the consolation game. It came down to the last minute of play, with a bad bounce in front of the net that didn’t go out way this time, and I know a lot of the girls were really disappointed.

Having played on a lot of losing teams in my life, I guess I didn’t take it quite as hard as some of the younger girls on the team. Then again, maybe I’m just able to put things into perspective now that I’m a little older. Don’t get me wrong; I hate losing. But it’s a game for fun, and I thought there were a lot of really positive things that happened in that game. For starters, almost everyone skated hard the entire game (this is a problem for us). We’ve got a girl playing goal who has never done it before, and for a first timer, she’s doing an incredible job. And thankfully, we’ve got coaches who get everyone in the game, even old scrubs like me. Everyone has fun, which is the important thing.

After we made plans to go to the tournament, we found out that it coincided with The Benefit (for one of Scott’s family members), so we got to make an appearance at that as well. It was great to see his family and so many people out to support his sis-in-law. A little backstory: S-I-L had a massive heart attack this summer and has gone from doctors writing her off as dead to making an almost full recovery.