Duluth Road Trip

Oh what a wonderful Sunday morning

Living in the U.P. must be making me paranoid. Saturday night after our game in Duluth, I stayed locked up in my hotel room instead of going out for food. Granted, we weren’t staying in the greatest part of downtown Duluth, but it’s not Detroit, people. It did seem however, that Duluth, like Hancock, seems to service a lot of people via Greyhound Therapy.

Anyway, Sunday morning I got up early enough to walk the four blocks down to Starbucks for a triple nonfat gingerbread latte and a piece of pumpkin bread. The pumpkin bread was not so great, but the latte? Do I want whipped cream on it? Hell, yeah!

The best I could do for the paper was the Saturday Strib, but I wasn’t complaining. I don’t even remember the last time I set foot in a Starbucks. You might assume I’m a coffee-aholic, but I don’t drink it every day anymore. Coffee is a sometimes weekend luxury for me these days, so the latte? It was like liquid crack. I was buzzing by the time we played our game at 10:45 (which, btw, we lost and the score is too embarrassing to post).

69? YES!
So read the sign at the Best Western in downtown Duluth when we pulled in this afternoon. We’re here for a series against St. Schol@stic@ (such a silly name). Tonight’s game was a tough one, and the 7-4 score didn’t quite reflect how the game went. It definitely wasn’t a blow out, and it didn’t help that our goalie is “out” with a “broken rib.” Our sub stopped saw about 40 shots and performed great considering it was her first game (and she had only practiced once before this).

So first period, Jen gets a breakaway and Dana and I go flying after her and crash the net. She gets a shot off and I put the rebound back on net. It bounces straight up in the air and lands in the crease, just sitting there waiting for someone to knock it in. Moments like this are like in slow motion, you know? Well Dana comes in and slaps it in. And of course, there is much celebration!

After the game I check the official score sheet and the assist goes to one of our defensemen, which is absolutely insane, seeing that they weren’t even near the play. It’s not a big deal, because I know that I was doing what I was supposed to and helped create the play. But man on man, why couldn’t they have gotten it on paper?

Also another first tonight: I got called for holding. I got screwed on the play, as the other girl had her stick completely in my ribs. Like I’m NOT going to hold her stick if she’s gonna do that shit. At least it was coincidental; she got the hooking call.

Since I didn’t have to drive this trip, I had plenty of time to knit. Too bad I took a dramamine before we left. After about 40 minutes into the trip, I was toast. Maybe it was a combination of the pill and concentrating, but my eyes were shot. I closed them and was asleep almost immediately.

In other news, Scott is watching Newman and of course, he’s being quite obedient. Why he turns into a little shit when I’m home alone with him, I don’t know. Eh. It’s time for bed. Another game in the morning…