Merry Christmas Eve

Newman’s been having a blast this Christmas, if a fun time includes following Kramer around everywhere and humping him at every possible opportunity. Ah, good holiday times.

The family thing each Christmas Eve includes packing everyone into the car and heading off to church in the evening. In years past, it’s always been tied in with someone’s Christmas program, especially when my sisters were in grade school. Now that everyone is older and there are no programs to go to, we usually attend whatever service is happening after dinner. We had been going to one at my uncle’s church, but this year no one wanted to go there. So this year? We went to a local mega-church. They had more people running the sound board than we have show up at our little church back home. There were too many ridiculous things to mention here, but one of my favorites was that everyone was wearing Madonna headsets and an interpretive ballet dancer wearing a very sheer white costume. It was hard to listen to the words of the song while transfixed on the dancer’s very perky boobs.

Anyway, now that “church” is out of the way, one does not need to worry about drinking too much wine with dinner before heading off to post-dinner church, so the drinking starts now! (hey, it’s after noon).