MTU vs. U of M

Ah, it was a busy weekend. U of MN was in town to play Tech, so we grabbed tickets for Friday night’s game. Yeah, we got spanked, but it’s still fun to see the No. 1 WCHA team play in your arena. Our seats were at center ice in the first row, right up against the glass. You really see how freaking huge these guys are when you’re up that close, and also how fast the game moves.

Getting spanked by Madison

Three hockey games for Andrew and two for me meant a lot of the weekend was spent at the rink. My friend G came and took a few pictures of us getting whomped on Sunday morning. Here’s a nice picture of my butt looking huge in hockey pants. Also note the girl next to me. I never realized how stupidly short I am. Not pictured is the behemoth who played D who I hit and crumpled to the ground immediately. Man, was she a good player. Too bad they were all a bunch of arrogant jerks.