Thank you, Stout


Wow, I know mapquest sucks, but my trip, which was estimated to take about six hours, took five. This is also taking into account that the roads were snowy and shitty until I got behind the Cheddar Curtain. I’m not exactly complaining, as the extra time to unwind has been nice. Free wi-fi at the hotel, and since UW-Stout is just down the street, this is restaurant mecca. Ah, do college students love to eat. Scott will be jealous to learn that Taco John’s is right next door to the hotel (most likely dinner after the game if the team doesn’t do a team dinner anywhere). It will be pretty late, and while I would gladly join in the whole team spirit and camaraderie thing, I also have about a ten hour drive ahead of me tomorrow. I was ready to lose it after three today. Eh.


We won 4-2. Our opponent had more skaters and should have outskated us, but surprise of all surprises, we’re in better shape. Even me, who has done not much else other than hockey practice a few times a week. Unbelievable. At any rate, they played a dirty and physical game, so victory was even sweeter. I also got leveled by some girl who I am pretty sure is taking growth hormones or is really a man.

We play again tomorrow, bright and early, so here’s hoping for a W to go with the one tonight.


We took the second game this morning 2-1. Even sweeter because they played another dirty game. What is it with these Wisconsin girls?

Still have a little adrenaline flowing so I’d better get on the road. Caribou Coffee, here I come.


Made it in 9.5 hours, including a few stops for bathroom breaks, food and sanity. Again, mapquest tells me it will take longer than it did. Driving through Wisconsin was the worst. I was ready to throw in the towel after only minutes of driving; it seemed like I would never find my way out of Cheeseland. My spirits immediately lifted upon entering IL. When I hit Chicago, I said to myself, you can totally finish this trip. I even made it to CVS before it closed to pick up pantyhose (ugh) for the funeral.

I’m glad not to be driving and it’s nice to see family. On a sad note, Kramer is a lot heavier than the last time I saw him and it makes me sad. He’s getting so old. He is not going to like my lively little puppy when I bring him here at Christmas.

I miss my guys. 🙁