KBC Sampler

Martin was in town so we hit the Keweenaw Brewing Company (KBC to the locals) and The Library Brew Pub. Evidently I do not go out enough, because when I do, I decide to have 3+ beers. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I do recommend the sampler at the KBC, though. For $3 you can sample six beers, which seems ludicrous, but remember: pints are a mere $2. Seriously, the beer alone is enough reason to live up here.

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  1. Mmmmmm…BEEEEEEEEER…..

    Kelly and I went to a brew house in Sydney a couple weekends ago. We did a sample tray of 6 beers, each matched with a small food dish. It cost nearly $30, and wasn’t even part of our lunch. They also had a kind of port there that was served in 50mL servings (about 1.6 ounces), for just under $20.

    So, enjoy good prices where you can get them, I say!

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