Jesus rose from the dead and then laced up his skates


While it is true that I own goalie gear (using some borrowed skates), have done it a dozen times in rentals, and occasionally come up with some seemingly impressive glove saves (thank you, twenty five years of softball), I am absolutely not a goalie. It turns out this fact is not enough of a deterrent to keep the tournament guys from asking me to play in net this weekend.

I’ve always thought this tournament would be fun, as are most tournaments. Hey, competition is a blast, man. The good news (for the teams) is that they will get an equal chance to fire away at me, due to the two ten-minute period format of the tournament. I will sucketh equally for both teams.

And why not? What else are you going to do on Easter weekend? Go to church? Brunch? Eat a lot of ham and mashed potatoes for dinner?

Of course, I will still do all of these things. After I play ten games over the next two and a half days. I guess there is nothing wrong with earning your Easter dinner.

There may be video if I can talk Scott into sticking around.


  1. I didn’t follow hockey much but didn’t this guy, Randy McKay, play in the NHL or something??

    I hear couple few more Tech players signed pro-contracts!

  2. Yeah, he played in the NHL.

    I heard about the players, about Michael Lee. Guess that makes Nolan the man next year. He was very nice to me during the tournament; he reffed a few games and offered encouragement when I’d make a good save or get hosed by my defense. 🙂

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