Headed south

Lots of nothing going on. Where do I begin?

We spent the weekend in Detroit with my family while I played in a tournament. Lost all three games, but we were totally outclassed in the last two. Saturday night it was evident we were NOT going to be championship game-bound, but the team had a great game against a very good team. I got my second goal of the season*, a timely affair, as it was witnessed by my parents and brother. They’re just sweeter when you get to share them. It was a shot from the right circle, made possible by my center battling in the corner. It seemed like I had an eternity to settle and shoot, which is amusing when I think back on it. I’m not sure who was more surprised it went in, the goalie or me.

Despite the losses, it was nice to spend the time with the family. We got to hit Bailey’s for a beer on Friday, but the rest of the weekend was spent lounging around, playing with the dogs, fixing computers (my boyfriend is amazing), and playing Guitar Hero. Playing that game was a mistake; now I totally want one. Too bad I can’t spend my tax refund on something fun. Unfortunately, I’ll be stimulating the economy by paying my bills on time. Sweet.

I ran a total of zero times last week. There was an interview. And a slight emotional breakdown. And then getting ready for Detroit. I want to say this week will be better, but Holy Schmidt, IT’S COLD OUTSIDE. Thank you, Detroit, for your 50°F weather. We enjoyed our two days of spring. Now it’s back to winter for the next three months.

I’m usually quite thrilled to make it back over the bridge when I trek downstate. This time, it was hard not to dwell on the fact that real life — a life that has me on the verge of financial and psychological despair — awaited me at home. It was the first time I really didn’t want to leave. Not knowing the future is starting to really suck. As we approached the bridge and felt the temperatures drop about 20 degrees, I felt my spirit drop at least twice as much.

I’m starting to run out of ideas. And the masthead for March? Coming soon.

* Two goals might not seem like a big deal, but it’s twice as many as I had last season. 🙂