Everything but the kitchen sink

When you have a baby, there is no “just picking up and going” anywhere. There’s stuff to be packed. Babies require accessories.

I play on a hockey team that has to drive considerable distances to find other teams who are willing to meet to play. This used to be no big deal. You’d throw the gear in the car, book the hotel, gas up the car and go.

The only thing that made this trip easier was that we left the two dogs at home with Scott’s oldest son who GRACIOUSLY sat at the house with them. Remind me to nominate that kid for a peace prize.

Um yes, that would be a breast pump. Lactation and hockey: two great things that go great together? Wow, talk about two words I never thought I’d utter in the same sentence.

Now it’s a matter of packing every baby device known to man because without question, if you leave it at home, even if you haven’t used it for two months, YOU WILL NEED IT. Just ask me, the woman who owns two bottle warmers.

I’ve tried to cut down on my travel with the team for financial reasons but made an exception for Traverse City, a town I haven’t been to for over five years. My mom and sister met us for some quality baby time and to bring a few items I’d found on the Detroit Craigslist, including a gently used exersaucer.

In her new (used) exersaucer

Oh, sweet exersaucer, where have you been for the past four months?

We had most of Saturday to spend as we wished before the first of three beatdowns games, so we walked up and down Front St, mostly windowshopping,

Watching the train

stopping for a coffee and a treat at morsels,

Scott and Sophie at morsels

a leisurely lunch at The Blue Tractor Cook Shop (highly recommend!),

Blue Tractor Cook Shop

and enjoying the brisk yet sunny afternoon.

And the hockey? Let’s just say after a month layoff, I shouldn’t have planned my entry back into the world of get off thine ass by playing three hockey games in a span of less than 24 hours, especially against a AAA travel team of girls who were all at least half my age.


After spending seven hours in the car after a long weekend of walking, hockey and a hotel bed that was way too soft, I tell myself, I’m too old for this. But pain is only temporary. After all, marathon registration opens in a few weeks.