Three Quarters

Sunday was the beginning of Week 30, which if my math is correct, means I’m three-quarters of the way through this pregnancy. Hooray! But it is probably more correct to call this post a recap of Week 29, i.e., the Week of the Sofa and My Ass becoming good friends.

After the crazy way too early contraction thing on Friday, I lived up to my promise to the doctor to take it easy. I tried to ignore my missed step count goals on my fitbit. I packed my running clothes away with all the other things that don’t fit me these days. I even took a break from my little strength routine and prenatal yoga thing. I sat a lot. I probably ate too much. I knitted. It was boring, and I wondered on more than one occasion if I’d be able to live like this for the next 8-10 weeks.

Skiff pattern by Brooklyn Tweed

Friday was an OB checkup, with the doctor confirming that I was also measuring at around 31 weeks (gah) and that while she hated to tell me not to run, perhaps I should not run. I’d already made up my mind to give it up for the rest of this pregnancy, but it was kind of nice to hear that even the doctor wished I could still be running.

Walking isn’t so bad when you have nice company

So I’ve been taking it easy and testing baked donut recipes in this little donut pan from Amazon. Well, I’ve only tried to recipes so far. The first was meh.

The second: not so meh. Though when Sophie asked for a donut with white frosting and sprinkles and I presented the following, it was met with much resistance. Side note: it’s got a hint of nutmeg in the donut itself and in a stroke of genius, I mixed in a little bit of leftover browned butter into the glaze. Wow. I’d eat it.

Recipe from Joy the Baker, modified

In non-pregnancy news, Sophie had her first scary dentist visit (the one with fillings) and fucking aced it. Now I feel like an idiot for underestimating her.

She’s got a lot of work ahead of her, but we’ll take it one visit at a time, and I will try not to get so worked up over it.

And there was this: some swag I designed for an upcoming event, one that I will attempt to walk if I feel well enough.

The 4th Annual 5K

September has always been my favorite month since I was a kid, because it’s my birthday month. Now it’s less about getting a year older and more about the weather – the cooling down, the leaves changing, and the few weeks that usually lead up to my fall marathon. I saw a woman running down the hill into town this morning and really missed running. A lot.

I’m at the point in this thing when I’m anxious to be done but also starting to think more about actually having a third child. I recall a conversation I had with my cousin a few years ago, right before we both gave birth to our second kids (our first are roughly the same age as well). She commented that the easy part was when they were still trapped inside, and you know, in some ways, she’s right.

Even though sometimes I just want to curl up into a ball and cry (curl up with this belly? HA!), I’m going to try really hard to enjoy these last two months with my two kids who are not kicking my ribcage (from the inside). I know Sophie will be thrilled when the baby gets here – she’s incredibly excited – but Aaron? We’ll see. No returns allowed, and no, Aaron, you cannot trade him for a Thomas Trackmaster Train.