Obligatory I’m Still Here Post

Get ready for a photo-heavy post, because they really do a better job of telling the story of what’s going on lately.*

So serious, Clara.

Aaron has been a model big brother to his sister. No mean behavior, and while he’s not terribly helpful, I can count on him to just go do his thing most of the time without being too much trouble.

He’s also about 80% potty-trained right now, so hell, yes. We went from one day wondering if he was going to ever figure it out to totally figuring it out and being dry most of the time. However, he still prefers to walk around with shit in his pants, so we’re working on that. But progress!

He went from 2 to 12 overnight. Or at least when he’s wearing un-toddler clothes.

And just in case you were worried, he’s still rocking the pink princess footwear, though after a winter of splashing in puddles, we may be retiring these bad boys.


After listening to Kristin Armstrong on the Another Mother Runner Podcast last week, I decided to start a Gratitude Journal.

I haven’t kept up with it every day, but most days I do find time to write down a few things. It might seem like a little thing to do, but it does make me more aware of all the ways I have it pretty damn good.

Clara is awesome. Still mostly hairless, but awesome.


Running is getting marginally easier every time I go out, though I go from having a day when I feel like I’m totally kicking ass to utter despair in the hopes that I’ll ever be able to run a 10K again.


I did somehow pull a 10:38 mile out of my ass the other day. That was kind of awesome.

I also got in my first runch of the year. Hooray for the fans that blow beneath the floor in the basement.


Snowbanks are receding slowly. It’s getting warm enough to venture outside with the kids and baby.


As much as I sometimes loathe the snow, I think about if I would’ve had this much snow to play in when I was a kid and how I would’ve found that to be the Best. Thing. Ever. I get why my kids love it.

Aaron trying to jump in the smallest puddle ever


In other sporting news, I committed to a  hockey tournament next weekend, so I decided it would be a good idea to get my skates out at least once before possibly embarrassing myself in front of a sparsely populated unheated ice arena in Small Town, USA.

Women have to change in the ref room since there’s no women’s locker room that isn’t attached to the long wall o’ showers running behind/connected to each locker room. It’s really quite gross, really. IMG_5435


I’ll admit the pants are not fitting quite like they used to. Ahem.


Felt really good about the skate, though. Was worried I’d make a complete ass out of myself, but it wasn’t the case at all. Of course, I was completely gassed by the end the 75 minute rental. No matter how much running I do, it never seems to make skating any easier. I also put forth a ridiculous amount of effort to still skate as slowly as I do. Must figure this out. Also must have my husband review with me where the hell I line up on face-offs, since I have only played goalie for the past few years in this tournament. I forget the little things sometimes.

On Pi Day, we ate pie.


On the Sunday before St. Patrick’s Day, we made a corned beef brisket, because I knew I’d have no patience or energy to deal with this during the week. IMG_5595

Also: leftovers for days, which ended up as very tasty hash.


As long as there are shadows, there’s sunlight at the end of this winter tunnel.IMG_5597

*I just realized I didn’t post anything about the Eldest Child, which was not intentional. We are going to see Cinderella tonight at the theater, just her and me. We will order a giant tub of popcorn to eat with our smuggled in candy, because there’s no way I’m paying $5 for a box of gummy bears. Let’s be practical. I’ll let you know if she’s completely ruined for living an independent and capable life since I’m taking her to another princess movie.