Extra miles

I’m taking my blog post inspiration from Dimity today and “The Real Daily Mile” and that running app that kept spitting tweets in my Twitter feed and making me scratch my head. (Brenda ran XX miles and felt great?)

This would be my entry today:

Amy ran 0 miles and while it felt slightly odd that she wasn’t getting up to run in the dark, she enjoyed sleeping in and not setting an alarm. This was all easier to take when she reminded herself that in 24 hours she’d be RUNNING A MARATHON as her last long “training run” before Twin Cities in October. Amy sat up in bed and the slight twinge in her right thigh reminded her of that fucking stupid mountain bike ride she did last week, the ride she now regrets, because the twinge isn’t going away. Amy then vowed that if the twinge ended up completely fucking up her running goals for the remainder of the year, that she would drop her mountain bike off a cliff, all the while muttering under her breath, this is what I get for trying to get in cross-training.

First, let me back up: I’ve done two 20 milers so far. This weekend was scheduled to be my third of this training plan. I’ve never done more than one, so just the fact that I’ve made it through two of these fuckers is pretty amazing to me.

But back in July I had a moment of vulnerability and signed up for the Marquette Marathon, a race I’ve wanted to do but am typically not in town for, with this year being an exception. I had to run 20 miles anyway, so why not do it on a course with support? My long runs have all been at a slow recovery-ish pace, so I’d keep the same strategy for this one, despite the temptation to run it faster. And what was six more miles anyway? Right?

So I signed up. And I gave it a little thought but got wrapped up in the month that is August and work headaches, sick kids, sick me, and my oldest daughter being away in Detroit with her grandparents for two and a half weeks, which is┬áthe longest we’ve ever been apart. Ever.

As you can see, she was in tears every day we were apart.
As you can see, she was in tears every day we were apart.

Then work got crazier and it really hit today. And now the nerves are setting in, along with the thoughts of what the hell were you thinking signing up for an “extra” marathon? It isn’t helping that this is not my typical marathon regimen. Since we are creatures of habit and have run the same race for almost ten years, there is a set weekend plan we always follow. The most important part of that is we always have a day between travel and race, because the race is usually on a Sunday. This Saturday marathon thing? It’s kind of messing me up.

We will roll into town tonight sometime around dinnertime (hopefully) and I will do my best to not have dinner consist of something from a place that starts with Mc and ends in D’s.

I will do my best to not forget any gear. I will strap on the number and just keep in mind that this is training. It’s not a race. It’s okay to walk. It’s okay to not try to run fast AT ALL.

Most of all, I’ll do my best to just enjoy myself. But I do think I’m staying off my mountain bike for awhile.