Here we are

I’ve spent the last 2.5 days at home. Sick. Most of the time has been spent in some configuration under about three blankets and just as many layers of clothing, until the ibuprofen kicks in and I start sweating like a hog. I’m pretty sure my husband took an extra wide berth as he walked past me this morning, since I haven’t showered since Tuesday and have been wearing the same fleece pullover during all this sweating. If he’s avoiding me, it’s not because he thinks he’ll catch what I have. It’s highly likely I got it from him. After he caught it from the kids who caught it from god knows where. Parenting is really just an eternal cycle of your kids picking up disease and bringing it home.

Not sure what I was thinking when I said I'd go out for groceries for dinner, meaning I'd have to dig out my car and then scoop the driveway. This is the current level of snow in our yard. Actually, I think it's down this year from last.
Not sure what I was thinking when I said I’d go out for groceries for dinner, meaning I’d have to dig out my car and then scoop the driveway. This is the current level of snow in our yard. Actually, I think it’s down this year from last.

The worst part of this thing – okay, there are actually two worst parts – is that my throat is almost completely swollen shut. Sure, I’ve had sore throats in the past, but I’ve never had one where if I swallow when I’m bent over (say, picking up one of the 1,000 toys on the floor) it feels like someone is slicing my neck in half a la Ned Stark style. It is the strangest and cruelest thing, and I find myself remembering after I’ve done it that yes, I should not do that because it hurts.

The other worst thing is that I was rolling through a 30-day exercise challenge when this illness dropped me flat on my ass. Yeah, go ahead and laugh; I have become one of those fitness challenge people. I decided to do it as I was coming off the hangover that always accompanies the beginning of the year. Typically, we are returning from visiting family, which requires a 400 hr drive in the car – the car being a Toyota Prius, known for its fuel efficiency but not for keeping you from hating your fellow passengers by the time you reach your final destination, especially when you have crammed the entirety of your holiday festivities, two dogs, three children and two adults into said car. This year was no different, and it was made extra special by the Son showing symptoms of Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease the day before everyone was due to go back to school and work. No, not Hoof and Mouth Disease, but gross in its own special way.

But back to the challenge – I haven’t done my 15 minutes of jumping and flailing for two days, and I’m actually disappointed. I feel like I’ve let the lady in the YouTube videos down. Which is ridiculous, I know.

So, 2016 is off to a less than auspicious start, it seems.

I do not do resolutions at the beginning of a new year. The only goal I have is to remember to write 2016 on my checks, and since I don’t write too many real checks anymore, my success rate is fairly high.

But someone told me once that we should not only set goals, but we should also set intentions. I really just have one intention, and I think it is applicable to just about everything I want to do this year.

I want to get better.

Better at managing my life. Better at finding a balance between home, work, and all the other shit. Better at doing my job. Better at writing. Better at being patient with my kids. Better at showing more kindness to others, to myself, to the world.

So that’s it. In 2016, let’s get better. I hope my immune system is paying attention.