New favorite

We made a whirlwind trip to the cities for a baby shower last weekend. Babies were showered and dogs were groomed at outrageous big city prices. Fun was had by all. And while I don’t want to say that a sandwich was the highlight of such a weekend—I mean, we’re talking about FAMILY—I do have to say that while this sandwich didn’t “change my life,” it did completely turn my mood around mid-drive home.

amy up north - this sandwich
Buffalo 06 with corned beef and kimchi kraut from Northern Waters Smokehaus in Duluth, MN

This is one of those sandwiches that does make you immediately plan your next trip to Duluth so that you can eat another one. It’s also the sandwich I’ll request on my death bed if my death bed ends up being in the proximity of Northern Waters Smokehaus.

This did get me thinking about kimchi (the cole slaw of my people!) and if I could, in fact, make my own kimchi/sauerkraut love child. The thing that scares me is the whole fermentation thing, which is a big thing when it comes to kimchi, I know. You could say I’m in the curiosity phase at this point.

But I must turn my attention from Korean to Mexican cuisine, as I leave for Austin in three days and plan to eat my way across downtown over the extended weekend. Tacos might be a giant motivator in getting me across the finish line of the Austin Half Marathon.