Last rental

Last night was our last rental for the season, and this was my favorite photo of “the girls” who play with the boys on Thursday nights.

Inaugural ride

First ride of the year, 2007

I am very pleased to report that I did a 21 mile bike ride today, and while my ass and every other body part are screaming in soreness, I did not experience hand numbness at all. In either hand. (It was approximately this time last year when I was undergoing the tests to get ready for the carpal tunnel surgery.) Hallelujah.

Me in goal

I’ve been playing goalie for the past few weeks in our Thursday rental. I’m not very good but hey, there’s a definite learning curve here.

Scott plays tomorrow night in the other net, so it should be a score-o-rama.

Butter Pecan

God, I’m not even a real ice cream person, but I could eat this every day for every meal.

You have never had ice cream until you’ve had homemade stuff. Seriously.

Irish Monkey Socks

When you live in a place where winter lasts from November – May, you find things to do. I knit socks.

Not technically Irish, but finished on St. Patrick’s Day. Details on the Flickr page.

Suomalainen pannukakku

Finnish pancake that got a little burnt. Since this is the only one I’ve ever had, I can’t comment on whether it was any good. I guess it’s time to pay a visit to the Suomi Bakery, a Finnish breakfast favorite in Houghton. I’ve never been, but I hear the food is good. And they probably don’t burn their pannakakku.

Michigan House Cafe

The Pepperdew appetizer at The Michigan House Cafe. They fill the peppers with a creamy cheese mixture and serve with garlic toasts. Tasty.

The entertainment for the evening: Clay Hillman on piano. He’s a good player, a local guy. It’s just that I would have enjoyed it more had I not been sitting right next to the piano.

Not spring yet

It’s in the 30s today and everyone thinks it’s spring already. This is life in the Keweenaw.

My boys

Sitting with the dogs before I head back home.

It’s amazing what a little insulin has done for this guy. He’s got more energy and doesn’t seem as sad. Overall, he seems much happier (and he’s even lost a few pounds).

Adolescent Target fun

We don’t have Target in the Keweenaw. I will admit that I miss it, but it sure makes going there, when I do find one, an event. I think this one was in Northville, MI, on a recent trip downstate.