KBC Sampler

Martin was in town so we hit the Keweenaw Brewing Company (KBC to the locals) and The Library Brew Pub. Evidently I do not go out enough, because when I do, I decide to have 3+ beers. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

I do recommend the sampler at the KBC, though. For $3 you can sample six beers, which seems ludicrous, but remember: pints are a mere $2. Seriously, the beer alone is enough reason to live up here.

Famous on Moosejaw

I submitted this photo ages ago and finally found it today. Moosejaw rocks.


The vet just diagnosed Kramer, the family dog, with diabetes. They’re going to try to get him on an insulin schedule and monitor him over the next week.

Poor muley.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I am the cookie master.

That’s cold, even for Calumet


Snowblower wouldn’t start this morning, so I pulled out the snow scoop. Thirty back-breaking minutes later, I had scooped out a big enough path for my car to exit the driveway. Got the movie back on time and bought eggs and cinnamon rolls.

If I hadn’t promised to play hockey before the game tonight, I’d so be staying in all day.

2006 Holiday Recap

It was a great time spent with all of our family and some of our friends. Sure, U of M blew it big time and I came back to find out that I might have three months tops left on my contract, but why dwell on the negative? While cleaning The Abyss (aka Scott’s room) I found my lost CD Wallet in a brown shopping bag behind a mirror. Success!

I cannot tell a lie: I was thrilled and completely shocked to hear that the Lions pull out a victory over Dallas. Leave it to the Lions to completely botch the season only to end on a (slightly) higher note. It’s also no secret that I loathe most Cowboy fans (but not you, Chad), so double bonus!

Sure we blew the chance at a No. 1 draft pick, but considering that Millen has any input into the decision pretty much means that we would have screwed it up anyway. If we have the chance and draft that little shit from Notre Dame, I am officially DONE with the Lions.

No matter, though. We had much more fun at the Vikes’ game, even though they lost. The applause for Brad Johnson was sweet when Childress put him in for one play in the 3rd quarter.

Henri at the Dome

We spent New Year’s Eve at Brother Mike’s, playing Taboo and watching Wild/Ducks hockey. Balderdash was also played, but I was fast asleep before that even happened. I guess this is what happens when you hit your thirties.

Newman made a new friend in Jake, the dog of the house. Here’s pictoral proof that lab/weiner dogs exist.

I know it’s so cliche, but my resolution this year is to get back in shape. Numbers have appeared on the scale that haven’t been on it in years. I am pretty sure I packed on 5 over the holidays, in addition to the ones that have been making their way back over the past year or so. I didn’t make it to the gym today due to getting caught up from some work-related clusterfucks, but exercise is definitely on the agenda for the rest of the week. No more making excuses based on feeling I can’t leave the dog alone, or that I’m too busy. Snow is back so skiing is in. Newman has somewhat proved he can be left in the house unattended, causing little to no damage.

We loaded the rest of my belongings into Scott’s truck and hauled it back here as well. It’s a relief and a burden at the same time. When I moved up here almost two years ago, my mantra was Live Simply. Since then I’ve accumulated enough crap to warrant renting THE BIG U-HAUL if I ever should move again. I’ve been trying to sort through stuff, to only keep the things I need by making regular trips to St. Vinny’s and tossing out garbage. Now I’m faced with a truck bed’s worth of more stuff. Some of it I’m glad to see. Most of it? Grey-area items that need to be gone through and decided upon. It would be easy to say that I haven’t used it in two years so just chuck it, but I really need to go through everything so that I have no regrets. Eh.

Let there be peace on earth

Let there be peace on earth

We’ve been shopping nonstop since arriving in St. Paul. Rosedale Mall, downtown St. Paul (I love Grand Avenue), you name it. Tomorrow I take Scott to his first ever professional football game over at the Dome (Vikings are playing the Rams).

The other thing we’ve been doing nonstop? Eating. Pat baked for two days straight and we’re both at all-time highs in the weight category. I know, it’s so cliche, but we’re getting back on the diet and exercise track when we get home. Hopefully there’s snow on the ground to ski, and I’m getting back into the gym next week.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday. See you in 2007!

Merry Christmas Eve

Newman’s been having a blast this Christmas, if a fun time includes following Kramer around everywhere and humping him at every possible opportunity. Ah, good holiday times.

The family thing each Christmas Eve includes packing everyone into the car and heading off to church in the evening. In years past, it’s always been tied in with someone’s Christmas program, especially when my sisters were in grade school. Now that everyone is older and there are no programs to go to, we usually attend whatever service is happening after dinner. We had been going to one at my uncle’s church, but this year no one wanted to go there. So this year? We went to a local mega-church. They had more people running the sound board than we have show up at our little church back home. There were too many ridiculous things to mention here, but one of my favorites was that everyone was wearing Madonna headsets and an interpretive ballet dancer wearing a very sheer white costume. It was hard to listen to the words of the song while transfixed on the dancer’s very perky boobs.

Anyway, now that “church” is out of the way, one does not need to worry about drinking too much wine with dinner before heading off to post-dinner church, so the drinking starts now! (hey, it’s after noon).